Tom Bruner's New CD
"Nevada Symphony"
Celebrates Nevada
& its glorious

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Tom Bruner's CD
"Homage To A Hero"
Celebrates the Ballads of
Wes Montgomery

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Tom Bruner Homage to a Hero
Tom Conducting
Celebrating over forty years in music, Tom Bruner's musical beginnings were the result of inspiration by Jazz guitarist Barney Kessel, which led him to the world renowned University of North Texas' College of Music. After playing guitar and arranging for the United States Air Force Academy Band, Tom then went on to Hollywood where he worked as a studio musician on countless feature films, televisions shows, jingles and recording sessions. He then spent in excess of twenty years as an arranger, conductor and musical director for over sixty television shows while also composing jingles, dozens of film cues for motion pictures and a myriad of other music projects.

Today Tom is very active playing jazz, composing and arranging music for multimedia projects, as well as teaching and conveying his passion for music at the college and university level. This website is a tribute to his long love affair with music and his achievements in the music industry.